Modern Classics

The definition of a classic car differs greatly amongst individuals and organisations alike. For insurance purposes, it refers to a car which is over the age of 20 years. However if you ask most people to define “classic” they will refer to cars from the 1930’s through to the 1970’s. This period of time represents the majority of the work we do at Worcester Classic Cars. However we are seeing more and more interest from customers who have what we would refer to as “modern classics”. These are cars from the 80’s and 90’s which have taken on classic status such as the Mazda MX5, Mk1 VW Golf GTI, MG RV8, MGF/TF and Mercedes SL. Customers are looking for a classic car that can be driven in all weathers and that will be reliable on longer trips to the South of France. Due to improved manfacturing techniques, galvanised steel body work and modern mechanicals, these cars do not require complete restoration but are often brought to us for a respray, retrim and service. Below are examples of work we have recently done on these modern classics:


Respray and retrim

VW Golf Mk1 GTi

Respray and full mechanical renovation

Jaguar XJS

Full respray